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AYS Leader,  Harvey Smith Jr.

Youth Ministries Team
  • Helen Steele                    
  • William Smith
  • Kimandi Binns


The AY Team tries to create an environment where young people are safe to share and explore their faith, ask questions and openly express their challenges .   These programs are geared toward the develpment in all areas of growth, including spiritual, social and mental stimulation.  The AY team and sponsors are aware of the critical issues facing our young people and the programs are planned with these in mind.  The youth also are encouraged to utilize their gifts and talents to the glory of God.

The program begins an hour before sunset on Saturday afternoon.


  • AY Aim 
    The Advent Message To All The World In this Generation.                    
  • AY Motto

    The Love Of Christ Constrains us.
  • AY Pledge

    Loving the Lord Jesus , I promise to take an active part In the work of the Adventist Youth Society, Doing What I Can To Help Others And To Finish The Work Of The Gospel In All The World

    Check out the calendar for our next event.

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