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Cornelius Awards Night

With so much negative press the “unsung Heroes” are often overlooked. It is with this thought that New Life welcomed the idea of seeking out individuals to present the Cornelius Award.
Cornelius was a gentle family man (Acts 10, 11) who had done good deeds for the community. He was respected by all the Jewish nation and God recognized the good that he did.  (Acts 10:22)
New Life chose to honor men in the Salisbury, Maryland region who exemplify leadership and/or problem solving in his homes, workplaces or communities, or who have taken a stand against crime, or stood in the gap for others. There were 14 men from the community nominated by the congregants of New Life to receive the Cornelius Award. One of the men receiving the award was a young quadriplegic who though disabled in body, is not disabled in mind and spirit. Those who know him testify that he is never without a word of hope and encouragement to those he comes in contact with. These “ordinary” men, who may not have been recognized by the media or paparazzi for the contributions they have made, caught the attention of those that live, work and interact with them on a daily basis.    
On the Cornelius Awards night the men and their families heard a message of encouragement from Pastor Kenneth Jones, a public school math teacher and the Overseer of the Kingdom Community Church in Salisbury, MD.  Dr. Paul A. Bryant, pastor of New Life presented each nominee with their certificate and everyone met for fellowship and refreshments to conclude the evening.