Women's Ministry


Ministry Leader,  Catherine Bratten


 A Ministry for Every Woman





Women's Ministry places its focus on the needs and spiritual well being of the women of the church and community.  Programs and goals are planned to inspire, encourage, give guidance and a helping hand to those in need.  Workshops, retreats, cooking classes, bible study and prayer groups are just a few of the areas on the agenda to enhance Christian growth.

“Women can be instruments of righteousness, rendering holy service. It was Mary that first preached a risen Jesus. . . . If there were twenty women where now there is one, who would make this holy mission (one-to-one ministry) their cherished work, we should see many more converted to the truth. The refining, softening influence of Christian women is needed in the great work of preaching the truth." —Evangelism, 471
Join us in ministry as we plan in-reach, out-reach and spiritual edification and fellowship for the building up of God's Kingdom.  

“There certainly should be a larger number of women engaged in the work of ministering to suffering humanity. . . . When believing women shall feel the burden of souls, . . . they will be working as Christ worked. They will consider no sacrifice too great to make to win souls to Christ.” —Evangelism,