Women's Ministry


Ministry Leader,  Catherine Bratten

 Ministry Assistant,  Elsie DeNeal

          "A Touch of Warmth"





Women's Ministry places its focus on the needs and spiritual well being of the women of the church and community.  Programs and goals are planned to inspire, encourage, give guidance and a helping hand to those in need.  Workshops, retreats, cooking classes, bible study and prayer groups are just a few of the areas on the agenda to enhance Christian growth.
Join us in ministry as we plan in-reach, out-reach and spiritual edification and fellowship for the building up of God's Kingdom.  


Register for the AEC  WM Tea Party from visitaec.org/women website.



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 An evening of relaxing and creative expression. You will be guided through your experience with the Sharp family. 






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Our 'Brood of Hens'  is a Small Group Ministry designed to incorporate every women in the church that    has a heart for ministry.  We have 6 Broods and each brood has five 'hens'. The Broods are involved in    planning and implementing in-reach and out-reach ministry. 

Small group bible study, reading a book together, bowling night, in home prayer groups, spa day, exercise classes, hospital visitations, cooking class, Prayer walks, shut-in ministry, and Prayer line conferencing are just a few of the suggested ideas for ministry.   

At the beginning of each quarter we all meet together to share ministry feedback and to re-focus and refuel for ministry. 

The Brood of Hens

  • Hen-derellas
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Hen-dos
  • Chic-adivas
  • O Henry's Hatchers
  • Sicily's Buttercups