Anvil of God's Word

 Last eve I paused beside a blacksmith's door,               and heard the anvil ring the vesper chime,               Then looking in, I saw upon the floor,                         Old hammers worn with beating years of time.

 "How many anvils have you had," said I,                         To wear and batter all these hammers so?"                   "Just one," said he, and then with twinkling eye,              "The anvil wears the hammers out, you know."

 And so, I thought, "The Anvil of God's Word,                 for ages skeptic blows have beat upon,                       Yet, though the noise of falling blows was heard,         The Anvil is unchanged, the hammers gone."

      -John Clifford


Although we are isolated from our sanctuary worship services, we stay together through calls, text, video and group conference calls and Facebook to stay encouraged and uplifted. 

Our Prayer service conference call line is: 712.770.5333, and the code is 407163, And Facebook: Salisbury NewLife Sda Church, should you want to join us.

      Conducted via conference line.  Amen!








        COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources and Notices | City of North Liberty

            DO THE FIVE     

                       Help stop COVID-19

                1  HANDS Wash them often

                2  ELBOW  Cough into it

                3  FACE  Don't touch it

                4  SPACE  Keep safe distance

                5  HOME  Stay if you can