We learned on last Sabbath that the Lord had such a love for all men that He went out of His way to teach the disciples and listeners that their humanity must override race, occupation, and even religion. The person who is in need is a neighbor and the person who helps him is also a neighbor.

  I suspect that the greatest blessing goes to the one who helps. The wounded neighbor receives the blessing of your assistance but the helping neighbor will be blessed by God. 


During HIs earthly ministry Christ began to break down the partition wall between Jew and Gentile, and to preach salvation to all mankind. Though He was a Jew, He mingled freely with the Samaritans, setting at nought the Pharisaic customs of the Jews with regard to this despised people.  He slept under their roofs, ate at their tables, and taught in their streets.           -(Acts Of The Apostles page 19, 1911)



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