El Gibbor - The Mighty God

                        Our Champion In Battle

This particular name appears in the book of Isaiah.  We have seen how "El" is a name of God that is used in conjugation with other names that give a specific connotation.

Gibbor means to be strong or mighty but in a specific sense, it implies the connotation of a champion who stands up for the defense of a nation.

This root word is used in 1 Samuel 17:51 to describe Goliath who came to represent this people in single combat.

 Goliath was a man who had everything a champion needed but he was defeated by David, a boy who had non of those things and he was victorious. 


This is reminiscent of our champion in the desert. Satan had everything in his favor when he engaged our champion in the wilderness.  Jesus was weak, hungry and dehydrated and unwilling to use his divinity yet He prevailed.

Gibbor is also used to describe Judah who rose above Reuben the firstborn and the rest of his brethren.  This bloodline produced the Messiah.

Gibbor also describes a great warrior who is devastating and valiant and is known for his physical prowess.

In Daniel 9 the use of the word "Gabbar" is used to describe the Lord as heaven's champion who will master all difficulties and overthrow every enemy.


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